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Petter Morseth

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Mountain Cottage at Kilebrekka

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Our cottage at Kilebrekka is not for rent in 2010.



Do you want to spend your holiday in harmony with the nature, in peaceful surroundings? Then this cabin is what you are looking for. This romantic cabin, with candle lights, paraffin lamps, fire heating and no electricity, is available for rent. This cabin is a no-smoking cabin. 


In the surroundings of the cabin you will find excellent terrain for hiking and magnificent views. You will also find several small mountain lakes with good possibilities for fishing. 


Passable road (a little steep at some places) till about 50 meters from the cabin.

The rooms

The cottage is separated into three rooms, the kitchen, the living room and one bedroom. At the kitchen you have a refrigerator run by paraffin and a gas cooker. In the living room you have the fireplace for heating. The cabin is not equipped with a normal WC, but have a outdoor toilet. Flowing water is not installed in the cottage, but is available from a well outside the cabin.


Sleeping space, in the sleeping room there is a bunk, with sleeping accommodation for two persons. The cottage has also got an loftroom with sleeping accommodation for two persons. If an additional extra sleeping accommodation is needed, then the sofa bed in the living room has extra space for one person. As a total the cabin has sleeping accommodations for up to 4 persons.



If you want to go fishing or just make a trip on the Fjord, then we have a boat located in the harbor in Åheim. This boat is about 5,2 Meters long, and have a 9,9 HP engine. Find more information here.



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